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Calinog History

CALINOG is believed to be the resettlement place chosen by Tuan Marikudo, the Negrito chieftain of Panay, who bartered his domain, the coastal plains of San Joaquin, then a part of Hamtic, for a saduk” of gold and a long necklace to the intrepid Malays from Borneo.  He found the place ideal for his family and tribe after he retreated towards the inland bringing with them their nomadic habits and propensity. Tuan Marikudo and his people reached the wide area midway between the two big rivers, Jalaur and Ulian. The strategic hills mounted in the middle of that area where they settle served as their citadel and watchtower. That area is now believed to be the majestic place overlooking the town proper of Calinog we call Marikudo Hills.

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The inputs of the individuals in the crowd trigger the crowdfunding process and influence the ultimate value of the offerings or outcomes of the process. Each individual acts as an agent of the offering, selecting and promoting the projects in which they believe, and social identification.

  • Equity
  • Reward-based
  • Litigation
  • Debt-based
  • Charity
  • Equity
  • Reward-based
  • Litigation
  • Debt-based
  • Charity
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Clerks Office (800) 456-7890
Treasures Office (800) 456-7891
Managers Office (800) 456-7892

Water Department (800) 456-7893
Permitting Office (800) 456-7894
Engineering Office (800) 456-7895
Planning (800) 456-7896
FireDepartment (800) 456-7897
Police Department (800) 456-7898
Rescue (800) 456-7899


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